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Tri-Cities Public Relations owner Mike Paoli is an executive media trainer and leading subject matter expert on crisis and risk communication. His specialty is program management and organizational process improvement, to which he brings depth of experience from the energy and commercial nuclear power industries. Recognized as an exceptional oral and written communicator, he has published award-winning small and large military newspapers; served as Chief Communication Officer for Energy Northwest, an innovative clean energy and nuclear power utility; commanded an overseas Air Force installation; and directed the Pentagon’s global Air Force Press Desk.  READ MORE

Mike Paoli ,Lt. Col., US Air Force retired


Tri-Cities PR is founded upon trusted counsel and inclusive collaboration to generate leadership-driven communication. I call this approach Three-C Public Relations™

  • COUNSEL – Leaders and organizations gain value from trusted counsel – counsel that comes from a foundation of integrity, forthrightness and clarity – to inform decisions on policies impacting employee morale and performance, organizational reputation, and the public’s best interests.

  • COLLABORATION – Drawing out and leveraging diversity of thought within an organization not only promotes a healthy, inclusive culture, but provides leaders a balanced picture of organizational alignment. 

  • COMMUNICATION – Message penetration that inspires, motivates and fulfills employees and customers alike relies upon disciplined research, planning, execution and assessment. Leaders lead the execution phase, and are key contributors throughout the process. 



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