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I Can't Breathe?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Right phrase, wrong cause.

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“Wear your damn masks Tri-Cities” was one of the more passionate comments from local business owners chatting about recovery during this week’s “Coffee with Karl,” hosted by Tri-City Development Council President and CEO Karl Dye. While an air of optimism and hope permeated the discussion, the dark cloud over the chat wasn’t the coronavirus so much as the behaviors of people who refuse to follow public health safety protocols.

The Tri-City Herald reports fliers circulated this week calling for Tri-Citians to gather at Columbia Park during the 4th of July holiday to “declare freedom from ‘tyrannical leaders.’” The fliers proclaim “we will no longer be social distancing or wearing masks.”

“Those are disturbing kinds of things that don’t help,” said Steve Simmons of CG Public House and Catering.

“We want to get you guys open,” said Dye, “and the way to do that is to wear masks.”

According to a recent poll, 90% of Americans are wearing masks. That number varies wildly, however, from state to state. Only 15% of Tennesseans report wearing masks. The Northeastern states, on the other hand, lead the country in mask-wearing. Somewhere in the middle is Tri-Cities, Wash., with grocery stores reporting 53% compliance, according to the Herald.

So what about the other near 50%? What’s their story? Civil liberties? I believe that's covered by the old adage, my liberty ends where yours begins. I.e., I don’t have the right to endanger you, nor you me. Disbelief? Ok, no way to convince that crowd until they, too, get sick. You can’t breathe? I saved that response for my first video blog. Please share, and stay safe my friends!

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